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 We began operations in 1973, in New York City. In 1978, our company began to specialize in health clubs and tanning salons nationwide. We quickly became a leader in these industries. In 1988, headquarters were moved to Santa Monica, California which is the hub for these industries. The programs were sold in 1996 to the sports and leisure division of K&K. 

Baldinger Insurance continued in the specialty field and today is a leader in the underwriting of hospitality risks nationwide. We entertain a wide array of businesses ranging from motorcycle bars to high end nightclubs in New York. We have also established a workers compensation unit for all classes of business, which specializes in difficult classes and high mod accounts.  

You Can Expect


  • Aggressive rating
  • Industry specific coverage
  • Highly rated carriers who are writing these programs for the long term
  • Fast turnaround time on proposals
  • Highest commissions paid to agents
  • Nationwide availability 

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Ask us about our programs for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Taverns
  • Sports Bars
  • Gentleman's Clubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Workers Compensation
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos

We have  access to many different hospitality insurance products so we can obtain the correct coverage for you!

Hospitality Program Highlights

  • For premiums under $50,000 non-auditable  (not available for new ventures)
  • For premiums over $50,000 or new ventures not subject to a minimum & deposit
  • First dollar coverage for GL/liquor and assault & battery
  • $1,000,000 assault & battery included with defense outside the limit
  • Broadening GL endorsement included
  • Comprehensive property enhancement form included 
  • 1% rate to include terrorism
  • Soft firearm exclusion that does not apply to patrons
  • HNOA included
  • Umbrella following form including assault and battery
  • Special programs for franchise operations

Su​permarkets and Retail Store Chain Operations Highlights (minimum account premium 100k)

  • A XIII admitted paper
  • Nonauditable provision may be available on a case by case basis
  • Super competitive rates and deductible options
  • All lines available including GL, property, auto and umbrella (up to 15mil)
  • Work comp available with a minimum deductible of 100k. Guaranteed cost available on risks generating total account premiums over 1mil
  • Intensive loss control with a leading carrier in this class of business
  • Convenient interest free payment options

Workers Compensation Highlights

  • Nationwide availability 
  • Wide array of A+ carriers
  • Aggressive rating
  • All classes considered
  • High mod programs available
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Numerous PEO plans for those accounts that do not qualify in the traditional marketplace 
  • First dollar and deductible plans available

Resort Program Highlgihts

  • A+XV admitted paper
  • GL non auditable
  • $5,000,000 policy aggregate
  • No assault and battery exclusion
  • Comprehensive property enhancement and broadening GL endorsement
  • Umbrella limits up to 25mil on a single layer
  • Work comp available 
  • Quarterly payments with no interest

Casino Program Highlights

  • Nonauditable
  • A++XV admitted paper
  • All lines of coverage available including: package, auto, workers comp and umbrella
  • Outstanding loss control
  • Coverage specifically tailored for this industry

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To become appointed please complete the agency agreement below and return with a copy of your corporate license E&O dec sheet.

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